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The shareholders of DataMondial operate a printing press in Romania, since 1999. In 2008, DataMondial was established next to the company. Meanwhile, DataMondial grew to 140 people. It turns out that the Romania has several advantages:

Flexible, motivated and well trained employees are amply available and working at a wage cost far more advantageous than in the countries of the Western Europe. The Romania is located in the same time zone and is part of the European Union and is therefore bound by the legislation on the protection of personal data. Very reliable and high-speed internet connections are available.

For our customers, these elements were as a result substantial savings and increased flexibility. Our employees have the opportunity to earn a competitive salary that exceeds the local average. This "win - win" situation was an opportunity to start the activities of DataMondial. Today, DataMondial is changed to 140 employees and obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.


Below, a few frequently asked questions:


Who are the customers of DataMondial?

Currently DataMondial works for clients in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

DataMondial has customers in many economic sectors.


The Quality Assurance

DataMondial works with a team of motivated employees, who have a Bachelor's or master's degree and following internal training programs.

DataMondial benefits for its clients are managed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) permanently.


Where are the savings?

Next to the direct savings in the level of labour costs, there are also the economies in less visible costs, as the equipment of the workplace, absenteeism, recruitment, training, etc.


What languages?

DataMondial already deals with today, Dutch, German, the French, the English, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Polish.

Contacts with clients of DataMondial are always in the language of the client.


The confidentiality of the data

DataMondial is certified ISO 9001 and 27001, and SAS 70 typeII. DataMondial works with the permanent staff; the employees all have a certificate of good conduct, life and customs and are bound by a confidentiality agreement.



The transfer of data between DataMondial and the client is through protected connections, using technologies such as Citrix, SonicWall, or other.


Process control

With the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the reporting on the key Performance indicators (KPI), the client still has a clear view of the quality and productivity of the services provided.

It is as if the employees of DataMondial were part of virtual way, the client team.


The flexibility

The needs of its customers, DataMondial works on basis of projects, or with long term contracts and adapts nimbly to changing needs of its customers.


Together with the quality and savings, flexibility is one of the pillars of the offer of DataMondial.